Choose from 11 mazes around Czech!

Come and enjoy getting lost in over 11 corn mazes all around the Czech Republic!

Unique corn mazes for both children and adults with interactive time-based games and quizzes rewarded by a special gift.

Visit The Cornies family, living in a unique corn maze bigger than the size of a football pitch. They lure pre-schoolers, scholars, families, adventurers and day-trippers to visit their labyrinth!

When The Cornies family are at home they don’t spend their time sitting in front of the TV. The Cornies like to get out into nature, play around and enjoy lots of adventures. They will take you with them through a maze full of puzzles in order to reveal their secrets, and of course they ultimately hope you’ll find your way out!

Choose from a variety of entertaining programmes. There is a lot to look forward!

Game for both children and adults

The Cornies are in the maze themselves hiding in 8 places.

Find them and solve the puzzles to discover what pet they own. When you find out who their pet is, The Cornies will reward you with a gift!

Aditionally, you will also learn many interesting facts about the region where The Cornies live.

Do you have a smart phone and like to compete?
We have an extra portion fun for you!

The Cornies Kubik has prepared a competition as a test of speed and perception!

Go through the maze as fast as possible and discover the 8 sites that are marked with QR codes. Scan each place with your mobile phone and your time will appear alongside your nickname in the section online results.

Once you’ve mastered one maze, visit others and look to become the champion of the Czech Republic in the League of Wanderers! All you need is a mobile phone with Android, with a QR code reader app installed.